Get Free Booklet Templates in Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides

Trying to pick up an appropriate free booklet template in Google Docs? is launching a new category – free booklet templates. Our designers did their best while creating the first collection of 16 free booklet templates. Of course, we will be replenishing this collection as soon as we receive users’ feedback. Feel free to overview these templates and let us know what you like the most and what should be modified.

Why Should I Opt For Your Booklet Templates In Google Docs?

Well, first of all, our templates are absolutely free for both personal and commercial use. So, you are not losing anything if you decide to download these free booklet templates. Also, keep in mind that we create every piece from scratch to ensure the full uniqueness and original look of the template. Our team of designers has relevant experience in working with this particular category of templates. Here are some important benefits of our booklet templates:
  • An easy editing process. You can edit, customize, and adjust our templates real quick. Just open a particular booklet template in Google Docs and add all the necessary changes. It doesn’t require any special knowledge nor editing skills so everybody can cope with the task;
  • No hidden fees. Our templates are absolutely free. Hence, you will not come across any additional payment or hidden fees. We are transparent and honest with our users and potential clients;
  • The original design and unique appearance. Our designers create every booklet template from A to Z. They do not use any references or already existing templates as a base. So, you will be the only one with such a template. Isn’t that promising?
  • Wide range of templates. Although we have just launched the first part of our free booklet templates, there are already enough attractive booklet templates to choose from. Keep in mind that we will be replenishing our collection with the new templates once you start giving feedback.

Should I Do Anything In Return?

No, you are not obliged to do anything in return for our free booklet templates. We are providing users with free materials for Google Docs without expecting anything from them. However, we appreciate your feedback and suggestions. It helps us understand what you are waiting for and what we should focus on. So, feel free to share your design ideas or just simple recommendations on how to improve Make sure to subscribe to our social media to be the first to know about our news and the new free template for Google Docs. Stay tuned and see you soon!