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Business Card Templates in Google Docs and Word

Discover a collection of free business card templates in Google Docs and Word formats. Find square, vertical, personal, creative, VIP, and more unique design ideas and editable blanks. Make a statement that reflects your professional identity with our printable examples.

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Choose the best free business card templates on TheGoodocs platform! Don't you want to work with Google Docs options? We offer more formats to our users! TheGoodocs delivers hundreds of ready-to-use free and premium business card designs in Google Slides, Word, and PowerPoint.

Business cards template FAQs

What is a business card template?
A business card template serves as a starting point for creating personalized business cards. It includes placeholders for essential information such as the individual's name, contact details, and company information. Business card templates are used to streamline the design process and provide a structured format that users can customize to reflect their unique branding and professional identity. TheGoodocs is your trusted companion when creating such business card templates.
How to make a business card template in Google Docs?
TheGoodocs offers a hassle-free solution with up to 5 free modern business card templates per month or unlimited access to hundreds of them with a cheap premium subscription. TheGoodocs simplifies the process and allows you to choose and customize professional templates effortlessly.
How to print business cards in Google Docs?
To print business cards in Google Docs, download your document as a PDF or preferred file format by navigating to "File" > "Download". Open the downloaded file and adjust the printer settings for paper size and orientation. Utilize high-quality cardstock paper for printing to ensure a professional look. Before printing on cardstock, conduct a test print on regular paper to verify alignment and layout accuracy.
What is the best free business card maker?
When it comes to a free business card maker, TheGoodocs stands out as the premier choice. Offering a diverse selection of editable business card templates, our platform provides a unique advantage by seamlessly integrating with Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets. The platform's versatility allows users to craft and customize their business cards effortlessly, taking advantage of the collaborative and user-friendly features of Google's Suite of productivity tools.