Get Business Card Templates in Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides

Today, few people give due attention to business cards, which is a huge mistake. These simple paper rectangles play an important role in business communication, because after meeting with another client, your image can easily be erased from his memory, but a beautifully designed and unusual business card will surely remind him of you at the most necessary moment.

Business owners, marketers and other employees are well aware that a business card is a necessary image component in running any successful business. The effectiveness of attracting the target audience will depend on the quality and design of business cards. If with the help of a business card you can leave a decent impression about yourself and your business, then it will be much easier to establish contact and start successful cooperation.

When creating a business card, you should familiarize yourself with the certain rules for its design, which are accepted in the professional business world, since this is not just a piece of thick paper, but advertising. A business card basically speaks about the level of your organization and competence.

Our templates have a proper design for any type of business. Let us tell you what information should be included in this piece of paper. It might help you to imagine what a card for your company is going to look like. Information on a business card usually consists of three blocks. The first (and main) block contains the name of the company or person. The second thing that should be present on the card is the logo of the company. Plus, you need to add all the necessary contact information (phone number, e-mail, company website, etc). If the company has a lot of phone numbers, then indicate all available, possibly by department. In any case, if you have several of them, this will once again prove the solidity and authority of your business.

All our google docs templates are made by professionals. Our designers have a lot of knowledge about how to grab someone’s attention and advertise a company in an efficient way. We frequently add some new layouts to our collection to make it more diverse and attractive. If you are starting a new business, you are definitely going to find a lot of nice options here. Replace text information and background with your own, add clipart and any photos, insert a QR code - our templates are fully editable. To customize a layout, you don’t need to download and install any programs. The thing is, you can do it in Google Docs. After editing is completed, just download the business card template for free and use it to promote your brand.