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If you provide commercial services to large clients and are engaged in wholesale deliveries of goods or large-scale IT works, one of your clients will request a service quote. What is this document, and why is it needed in modern business? Everyone will agree that before receiving certain services, one would like to know their cost. Moreover, if long-term work is requested, its price may increase due to inflation, an increase in the cost of materials or purchase prices, a growth in the living wage, and many other factors affecting the economy. Using the template for a quote for services, the buyer can set a price and get a clear description of the services received. Such a document can be equated to a contract, and if the cost offered by the contractor satisfies the buyer, the work can be started immediately.

Also, this document may specify the payment procedure, the first fee (for example, for materials), a description of services, etc. But how to create such a document from scratch? You don't have to dwell on this nuance. TheGoodocs team of graphic designers and developers is ready to help you and get a free editable services quote template. Use a ready-made layout design, and a well-thought-out structure, and quickly and efficiently create an up-to-date contract for any client. You have to calculate the cost of the work and add them to the finished preset. Find out more about our comprehensive services and get a turnkey solution for your problem!

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Working with documents is the last thing you want to spend time on. Especially when it is better to pay more attention to setting up and improving services, finding customers, and other fundamentals of your business and company. Now, it's possible. You need to select one of the ready-made quotes for services template options, add the estimated cost and description there and print it! In addition, you can use the digital version to send it to the mail or social media to your potential customer.

Our versatile presets and additional website features will save you tons of time! Get a free copy of any sample and see for yourself.

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We offer only the best options for free! With us, you will not find scams, mandatory registrations, in-app purchases, and other things. You can get a printable service quotation template now! Go to the page of the quotation letter you like and click the “Edit Template” button. You will immediately receive all the necessary instructions, and after half a minute you will have a ready-to-use template!

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Working with the professional service quotation template is a pleasure. Our templates are compatible with any editors and devices. To start working in Google Docs, it is enough to have a platform account linked to the browser. And you can use this editor or download the preset in .docx format to take advantage of the other options available! You can start working on a tablet and continue on a PC, laptop, computer, or other modern gadgets.