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A photography portfolio is a collection of selected photos/images that a photographer presents to showcase skills, talents, and unique style. This collection can be in print or digital format and is an essential tool for any photographer looking to present their work professionally. As a good portfolio should showcase a photographer's versatility, and have a cohesive theme or style, one might think over the best template ideas. Yet, when you have so many projects going in and so many photos to polish, won’t it be perfect to use a premade editable template?

Our easy-to-edit photography portfolio templates can be used not solely by a photographer, but are suitable for any photography company or institution to present their ongoing or future projects. Here, on TheGoodocs platform, even the most intricate client can find a sophisticated template and start working with it. Take your chances with our 100% free templates and your future client or project will be yours.

How Can You Benefit From Using Templates

We know that establishing the photographer's brand and attracting new clients is a time-consuming process. So why don’t take a chance to bring your stress to a lower level with free photography portfolio templates that are designed just for your needs?

There are several advantages you can get using editable templates. One of the most significant benefits of using portfolio templates is that they offer an efficient and cost-effective way to present a photographer's work. These templates come in a range of styles and can be easily customized to fit the individual photographer's needs.

Many portfolio templates are also graphic by its nature, which means that they are designed to be visually appealing. They often come with a range of design elements, such as borders, frames, and backgrounds, which can be used to enhance the overall look and feel of the portfolio. You don’t have to hire a professional and pay extra money.

Just use all the benefits from existing online resources!

Get Straight to Working with Your Best Template

Whether you are just starting your career as a photographer or are an established professional, don’t feel pressured with creating your portfolio. Take it easy with our Google Docs templates.

Every visitor to the website doesn’t need to run the extra mile to find a template. All templates can be filtered easily and by category.

When you already made a choice and are eager to start creating your photography portfolio, all you have to do is to click the right-sided red button. The button is named “Edit Template”. Here you go. Get a free editable template with a cover page and layout elements. Start working on it from your laptop or even smartphone.

Customize the Design as You Wish

Photography always has been an art form that shows various aspects of human life, from the happiest moments to the most painful memories. Considering that, you may customize any premade design in the way it depicts all aspects and feelings you want to bring to the client or potential employer.

Still, you don’t have to worry about its complexity. It has never been as easy as now to change any element in your template for a photography portfolio. Our editable templates in Google Docs give you full flexibility to customize background color, photos, outlines, and text categories.

Create your unique portfolio with Google Docs and make it catch the hearts of millions!