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Lease Agreement Templates In Google Docs and Microsoft Word

Lease agreement templates in Google Docs and Word can help you with entering into a legal contract. Printable, downloadable, and editable templates explain the rights and obligations of the tenant and property owner, rental costs and late fees, security deposits, and other aspects.

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The lease agreement is a document that is familiar to landlords and lessors around the world. It is the most significant document that the landlord and tenant must sign. It must state all the rights and obligations of the parties. So, the landlord rents out their property. It can be a car, an apartment, a house, a boat, etc. And in return, they receive regular payments at a particular time. Payments can be monthly, weekly, or daily. It all depends on the terms of the agreement between the two parties. Such documents can be signed by legal entities and individuals. And the TheGoodocs team of developers and graphic designers took care of the bulk of the work in compiling your versatile and adaptive agreement! If you are not familiar with the basic requirements for filling out lease agreements, our free lease agreement templates are the best choice!

You can use the ready-made editable template to customize specific agreement forms. Specify the exact terms of the deal using a ready-made structure, fonts, and design.

You can add the following essential elements:

  • Terms of payment of rent, amount.
  • Who will be responsible for car or real estate maintenance?
  • Who pays utility bills or taxes?
  • And so on.

We tried to create the most versatile and printable option with which it will be much more manageable for you to complete contracts on an ongoing basis. Also, you will get complete freedom of customization and setting up the finished template! But this is only a tiny part of the advantages of our presets. Learn more about TheGoodocs services.

Benefits of Ready Lease Agreements

If you already have a headache from the routine work with documents, you will find salvation in our free lease agreement templates. Renting a room, or a building for any commercial needs is now as comfortable as possible! You can select a suitable template, get a copy of it, add all the missing information there (we even indicated how to correctly fill out the template using the data of signers), print it out and sign it!

And to make using our services even easier, we offer the:

  • The simple and clear interface for a beginner.
  • Access to collections with present templates.
  • Search bar for easy search of suitable presets.
  • Standard and universal leasing agreement templates.
  • Only high-quality options from the best designers.

You can not waste time, but get a copy of the template now and get started!

Take Advantage of Free Presets from TOP Designers

Do you think that you will have to pay a large sum for ready-made templates for lease agreements? It's not like that at all! We offer our services and templates for free to all users. Moreover, we do not even waste your time. You don't have to watch long ads, buy a subscription, or register. Select the desired template and go to its page. Then click the red “Edit Template” button, select the size (A4 or US Letter Size), and wait for the system to do the rest!

Work in a Comfortable Format

If you have already downloaded and received a sublease agreement template, then you can start customizing without any restrictions. You can use Google Docs and other text editors to work with templates. In addition, any modern device from a smartphone to a PC is suitable! Get the most out of our professional solutions for your business now!