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Freelancing is a constantly evolving type of employment. It can be much more profitable for large and small companies and businesses to hire a freelancer for a specific project and save money on hiring a permanent employee. An in-house developer, designer, or advisor is prone to burnout, they may not have enough tasks, but the salary will still have to be paid. A professional freelancer takes payment only for well-executed work, and therefore, many prefer this form of interaction with employees. And if you decide to hire a freelancer to create software, for project management or to provide consulting services, it is worth making a professional contract to legalize your cooperation. In that case, there is no better choice than our unique, free, and editable contract template for freelancers.

Our platform presents you to pick from dozens of ready-made printable templates and use them for free for any business needs. We create a layout, add relevant fields to fill in, and finalize the structure. All you have to do is enter the current data of your company and employee, print and sign the finished contract or use digital signatures. Thus, you will save time creating a template for a contract from scratch! Learn more about professional services from TheGoodocs.

Benefits of Using Premade Layouts

If you want a modern freelance template contract that will match the reputation of your company, you should pay attention to our templates. We've been in the industry long enough to boast over 4,000 ready-to-use presets for businesses and individuals. The number of templates and their quality is growing every day. And our best employees work every day so that you can save time. You can get a copy of any template for free and get all the benefits now!

Use Free Template from Professional Developers

Any freelance contract template is the best option for creating a simple contract for any production, IT, consulting, and other companies. We do not enter your data and do not make legal changes. But we are preparing a fully working and functional template for your requirements. You can use any editing and updating tools in our standard form.

To get started with any freelance job contract template, all you need to do is:

  • Go to the page of the preset you like.
  • Find the red “Edit Template” button to the right of the preview.
  • Go to the size selection page.
  • Wait for our platform to create a copy for you in your Google account.
  • Start customization.

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Get an Even More Up-to-Date Template

If you have any complications with the selection of freelance work contracts in Google Docs or Google Slides, please let us know. For this, we have a “Requests” section. There, each user can request new templates for free and vote on the requests of other visitors. The most impressive ideas will be added to the site as soon as possible. Work on the best designs for free thanks to the efforts of TheGoodocs team of graphic designers and developers!