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Free Lesson Plan Templates in Google Docs

TheGoodocs team loves and respects the work of teachers. Therefore, we decided to simplify lesson planning for you and make this process more convenient! All you need to do now is to use free lesson plan templates in Google Docs. On our platform, you will find options for any needs: daily and weekly, editable and printable, for teachers in preschool, elementary, secondary, and other educational institutions. Optimize your workflow using our free solution.

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We Provide Modern Lesson Plan Templates

Using our unique lesson plan templates in Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets, teachers don't have to waste time creating forms from scratch. Moreover, ancient notebooks are a thing of history! All you have to do is choose a suitable design, or several, get a free copy, and start filling it out. This process takes no more than a minute but will help you more efficiently plan each lesson separately or the entire workflow weeks in advance! We're excited to share more about our solution.

Our Ready-Made Templates Provide Many Benefits

Every teacher can significantly simplify their life using our lesson plan templates for free. We want to share all the details!

  • Effortless organization: Structure your lessons with our Google Docs templates. Enjoy the ease of organizing your curriculum and make each lesson a well-ordered and cohesive experience.
  • Accessibility: Benefit from the cloud-based nature of Google Docs. Access your lesson plans from any device.
  • Time-saving nature: Maximize your time with pre-designed templates that eliminate the need to start from scratch. Our forms empower you to focus on refining your lesson content rather than spending valuable time on formatting.
  • Collaborative planning: Foster teamwork among educators by utilizing the collaborative features of Google Docs. Share, edit, and brainstorm lesson ideas in real-time to promote a collaborative teaching environment.
  • Versatile сustomization: You can tailor lesson plans to your unique teaching style and content with our editable templates. From diverse formatting options to easy editing, you can plan lessons that resonate with your teaching philosophy and engage your students.
  • Integration with multimedia: Enhance your lessons by seamlessly integrating multimedia elements. Our templates support various media formats. Be sure to incorporate videos, images, and other interactive content to enrich the learning experience.
  • Consistency: Present polished lesson plans with a consistent and professional appearance. Our templates ensure that your teaching materials reflect a high standard.
  • Comprehensive documentation: Our templates cover all facets of lesson planning from learning objectives to assessment strategies. Document your teaching journey comprehensively, aiding in reflection, evaluation, and continuous improvement of your instructional methods.

Explore Some of the Dozens Categories Available

Make all the tasks much more comfortable using our free lesson plan templates!

Weekly Lesson Plan Templates

With our weekly lesson plans you can organize your entire week seamlessly, ensuring a well-rounded and balanced curriculum. Efficiently distribute lessons throughout the week to maximize classroom time and engagement. Gain a comprehensive overview of your work.

Daily Lesson Plan Templates

Using this category, you can set clear, achievable objectives for each day to facilitate a targeted and purposeful teaching approach. Adjust and modify lesson plans daily to accommodate unexpected changes or tailor lessons based on progress. Dive deep into the specifics of each day and provide a detailed roadmap for effective and dynamic classroom sessions.

Preschool Lesson Plan Templates

Do you want to foster a stimulating environment for young learners with engaging activities tailored to their developmental needs? Utilize colorful and specially tailored templates to capture the attention of preschoolers and enhance their learning experience. Certify a well-rounded curriculum that addresses cognitive, social, and motor skill development in preschool-aged children.

College Lesson Plan Templates

Tailor our lesson plan templates to meet the academic rigor and diverse needs of college-level courses. Emphasize critical thinking and analytical skills through structured lessons designed for higher-level academic content. Easily incorporate research assignments, projects, and collaborative activities into lesson plans for a more comprehensive learning experience.

Elementary School Lesson Plan Templates

With these forms, you can create lesson plans that cater to the unique learning styles of elementary school students. Incorporate hands-on activities, visuals, and interactive elements to accommodate diverse learning preferences. Ensure that lesson plans align with elementary school curriculum standards to meet educational objectives effectively.

Get More Than Only Google Docs Lesson Plans

Don't you want to work using Google Docs lesson plan templates? No problems! We offer options in other formats from Google Suite platforms and applications. For example, Google Slides is the ultimate choice for those who want to add illustrations and media content to their schedules. And Sheets is suitable for more meticulous planning of each step of training! Choose the format that best suits your needs and wishes.

Lesson plans template FAQs

How to make a lesson plan template in Google Docs?
Head to our website, and look for the section related to lesson plans templates in Google Docs. Explore the different types of lesson plan templates we offer, such as weekly, daily, preschool, college, or elementary school templates. Choose the one that best fits your teaching requirements. To edit the template and make it your own, click the “Edit Template” button. This action will create a duplicate in your Google Drive. Next, you can continue with any adjustments! Start customizing it to match your lesson plan details. You can edit text, add or remove sections, etc.
How to write an inquiry lesson plan template in Google Docs?
Crafting an inquiry-based lesson plan template in Google Docs is made effortless with our thoughtfully designed templates. Simply access our collection, choose the "Inquiry Lesson Plan" template, and customize it to align with your specific teaching objectives. Our templates offer a user-friendly platform, allowing you to seamlessly structure inquiry-based lessons, promote student engagement, and facilitate meaningful learning experiences. Save time, enhance your teaching approach, and elevate your inquiry-based instruction with our professionally designed Google Docs templates.
What are the 5 parts of the lesson plan?
The five parts of a lesson plan are the objective, introduction, instruction, practice, and assessment. Objective defines what students are expected to learn or achieve during the lesson. The introduction engages students at the beginning of the lesson to create interest and motivation for learning the upcoming material. Instruction presents the main content of the lesson. Practice involves activities or exercises that allow students to apply and reinforce what they have learned during the instruction phase. Assessment evaluates student learning, determining if the lesson objectives were met.
Does Google have a lesson plan template?
Yes, Google provides a basic lesson plan template in Google Docs. However, for educators seeking more comprehensive and professionally designed templates, TheGoodocs offers superior options. Our forms are crafted with a focus on user-friendly customization, aesthetic appeal, and a range of features tailored to meet diverse teaching needs.
Where can I get templates for Google Docs?
TheGoodocs website provides the best opportunities to get free templates for Google Docs. We have designs for different tastes and needs. Check out our extensive collection and get unique Google Docs templates for free.