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Hey, do you like picnics just as we do? Want to arrange a grand one with many friends and colleagues? For this, you may need a picnic invitation. So let’s check how to create one without much effort!

A picnic invitation is a written or printed message that formally invites a recipient or group of people to attend a picnic or outdoor gathering. Picnic invitations are sent to individuals or groups for several reasons, one of which is to indicate that an outdoor activity is scheduled and inform them of the specific details relating to the picnic. These invitations can be sent through email, text messages, traditional mail, or social media platforms. They may also be verbal, with hosts or invitees making calls or talking to each other in person.

Picnic invitations differ in style, which further signifies the formality of the event. For instance, an informal invitation could be a simple message that reads, “Hey guys, let's have a picnic by the river this Saturday” while formal invitations require more detailed information and a deadline. In some cases, invitations for picnics can be sent out to specific groups or general invites where the same message goes out to everyone on the invitee's contact list.

Stop Paying for Subscriptions!

One of the things that can make planning a picnic challenging is sending out invitations. Luckily, there are premade picnic invitation templates available that can help make the process easier. Let’s jump straight to the benefits of using templates.

Cost-effective. There are different websites that offer free templates without subscription and it’s the right choice to use this benefit. It is unessential to spend money just to create a picnic card.

Time-saving. Planning a picnic can be a time-consuming process, and creating invitations from scratch can cut into valuable preparation time. With premade templates, the invitation design is already done, and all that needs to be added are the necessary details such as the time and location.

Editable and easy to use. Premade templates are designed in Google Docs, Google Slides, and Sheets, which are user-friendly and provide many options to experiment with. You don’t have to be a professional designer to work with templates.

Printable. While many people choose to send digital e-cards, some individuals like the good old feeling of sending a paper invitation. And that’s totally great! With a printable feature, you may print as many copies as you need without worrying about printing margins.

Saving a Template on

It is easy to find free picnic invitation templates online and to download one or even several! TheGoodocs website offers only free professionally-polished templates that can be used for different themes and occasions. Moreover, with the help of a category filter and search bar, it is simple to find exactly what you need.

Saving a template takes only one minute – click the Edit Template button and follow instructions.

Add Time and Date to Your Picnic Invitation

Picnic invitations in Google Docs offer customization options. While these templates are premade, they have options for customization like adding or removing images, changing colors, changing fonts, and many more. This means that organizers can incorporate their branding or personal style into the invitations, making them more personalized. Even ready-made templates are flexible and accommodating to suit your preferences and requirements.

Of course, if you like the template’s overall design, you may simply add/change the date and place for your picnic and that’s all.

Thus, if you are planning a picnic, consider using a template!