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A Thanksgiving invitation is a special invitation that is prepared and sent out for family and friends to join together to celebrate the Happy Thanksgiving holiday. It is a time when people come together, share food, and express gratitude for the blessings of the year. An invitation to a Thanksgiving celebration is a way of showing appreciation for one another and celebrating the spirit of this significant occasion.

The Thanksgiving invitation typically contains all the essential information about the event. It usually includes the date, time, and location of the celebration. It can also provide details about the dress code (especially, for a party), the type of meal planned, whether alcohol will be served, and any other instructions guests should be aware of. The tone of the invitation generally reflects the formality of the event. For instance, a formal Thanksgiving dinner would require a more warm and welcoming style, using appropriate phrases and greetings. But the party invitations can be more vibrant and bold.

Inviting guests to the Thanksgiving dinner can often become a daunting task, with the arrangement of the menu and decor keeping the host occupied. However, with premade Thanksgiving party invitation templates, you will ease your headache!

Enjoy These Benefits!

So what are some advantages of using premade templates?

Firstly, premade Thanksgiving invitations are cost-effective and budget-friendly, especially for those hosting a party on a tight budget. Instead of hiring a designer and printing services, simply save a free template. Moreover, all templates are printable from the comfort of your home.

Secondly, using free Thanksgiving invitation templates saves time and effort spent on designing the invite from scratch. The templates come with pre-existing writing and formatting which enable faster invitation preparation without compromising on the quality of the invitation.

Thirdly, templates come with a plethora of designs and formats and are editable to suit your requirements. Whether you prefer a classic or modern theme, the templates are versatile and cater to various preferences.

Moreover, templates are often mobile-friendly and easily shareable. For instance, if you choose to work with free templates in Google Docs, then you can give access to your friend to come up with a design idea. Isn’t it great?

How to Save a Template?

Well, now it’s time to find out how to save a template.

First of all, if you decided to try out working with free Thanksgiving invitation templates in Google Docs, we recommend checking all templates on You may find different themes and styles: from elegant to funny, floral and spooky, white and black.

To save a template, simply open the relevant page with this template and click the Edit Template button. That’s all!

Simple Customization

Now let’s talk about customization! Actually, what is that?

Customization is the process of editing a template to convert it from the general design to your personal design with relevant information to suit your event or party theme. For instance, if you are going to hold a vibrant party with games and Thanksgiving quizzes, probably you may want to create a funny Thanksgiving invitation. To do that, save a relevant funny image or artwork, and gather proper wording or catchy phrases into one folder.

Now open a template and use the upper menu and toolbar options to insert an image or replace a current one with yours. The same goes for adding/replacing text boxes. If you are a newcomer in the world of Google Docs, you may follow our tutorials on to help you master “the inner kitchen”. We wish you have a Happy Thanksgiving party!