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An academic CV is a detailed document that outlines an individual's qualifications, experience, publications, research work, and awards in their academic careers. It presents a snapshot of an individual's academic achievements and acts as an important tool for faculty positions, research grants, academic fellowships, and admissions to academic programs. In contrast to a standard resume, an academic CV requires more emphasis on studies accomplishments.

An academic CV contains several standard sections, including personal information, education, research experience, science publications, teaching experience, honors and awards, and professional affiliations. The personal information section is typically at the beginning and includes the full name, contact information, and any social media links that would help to connect with the individual. The education section includes academic degrees, institutions attended, and graduation dates while highlighting significant achievements and any research projects.

As the competition for academic jobs continues to increase, it's necessary for scholars to have outstanding CVs to showcase their academic accomplishments. Crafting a well-designed resume from scratch is not as simple as it may seem. However, there are professional academic CV templates one can use to create a polished and compelling resume.

Free and Professional Templates for Your Use

So let’s see examples of the benefits of utilizing premade templates!

Free. We all love using freebies that are helpful and easy to use. That’s all about premade CV templates! Many online resources don’t require a subscription and offer only free goodies.

Professional design. Academic CV templates are an excellent way to identify what is essential to be included in your CV. These templates are designed to include sections and sub-sections that adhere to the standard format recommended for academic CVs. Get the best CV layout for free in an instant!

Easy-to-use. All templates are easy to use, saving time that would be otherwise spent formatting and designing a resume. These templates come with preset margins, font sizes, and sections. This makes the process of creating your CV faster and more simple since you can complete it in a few hours.

Editable and printable. Customization is essential since a well-designed CV with a personal touch enhances your visibility and makes a lasting impression on potential employers. Moreover, it is easy to print it out in the standard CV format.

How to Save a Template

Let’s assume you already found a nice and eye-catching template for an academic CV, but don’t know what to do next. So here is a simple guide.

Open the page with the template and find the Edit Template button on the right side of your screen. Click that. Agree to save the template’s copy. Here you go! In an instant, you will see a CV template opening in Google Docs or Google Slides.

Any time you find interesting template samples, follow the same steps to save them.

Add Photo, Text, and Get a Job!

Premade templates can serve as a guide when updating your academic CV. As one progresses in their journey, it's vital to update the resume to include new achievements and research publications. With the customization feature, you are free to do that multiple times.

Of course, at the start of customization, you have to add your photo (make sure you look professional and tidy) and fill in all the sections. If you don’t know what it’s better to write, then check available examples on the internet. After, add information to the blank sections and save it.

We hope you can find a suitable and elegant template for an academic CV and soon get the best offer for your professional journey.