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Inventory management is an inevitable aspect of running any type of sales business. It ensures that the right products are available when customers need them, reduces wastage, and improves overall efficiency. One way to streamline this process is by utilizing inventory templates in Sheets.

Below we’ll discover new possibilities for running an inventory procedure easier and error-free, and at the same time, you can try out different templates from free websites.

Your New Possibilities with Ready-to-use Templates

If you feel tired of creating spreadsheet calculations of goods or services from scratch, you do have a better choice – premade inventory templates in Google Sheets! Let’s see some of the advantages you gain while using a template:

Free to Use – You Have No Limits!

When it comes to work, we do hope to make it right, but what if you gain access to powerful tools even without paying a dollar?) That’s right! A free inventory template in Google Sheets is an ideal option for small businesses or startups with limited budgets. You can keep inventory management costs to a minimum without compromising on functionality or efficiency.

100% Editable

Any inventory template in Google Sheets can be customized to suit the unique needs of each business. Whether a business has multiple warehouses, requires tracking of serial numbers or expiration dates, or needs to handle complex inventory scenarios, the templates can be adapted accordingly. The editable feature is most important within any template!

Collaboration – Share it with a Team!

Anyone can share the spreadsheet with their employees or colleagues, granting them access to relevant inventory data. This real-time collaboration ensures that everyone involved is on the same page, reducing miscommunication and facilitating a smoother workflow.

Wide Range of Designs

It is easy to find different types of inventory templates – depending on design, layout, or quantity of data input. It all matters as everyone has a different scope of business – some may need a simple inventory list, and some – a creative type for creative business. At any rate, it is easy to find and save many free designs in Sheets.

Saving Templates from

If you already would like to use an inventory template, you are welcome to explore a website that offers hundreds of designs, including free inventory templates in Google Sheets! This website is

Inventory templates from TheGoodocs provide a structured platform for businesses and individuals to catalog and manage their inventory. With pre-designed categories and sections, these templates allow for easily inputting details such as product names, descriptions, quantities, and prices. Sheets have built-in formulas that would calculate your data accordingly. This eliminates the need for manual calculations, reducing the chance of human errors and saving valuable time.

Moreover, on the website, you may find different templates for your business – additional lists-to-do, meeting agendas, invoices, and much more.

To download a free template, click the Edit Template button.

Simple Customization in Sheets

Once you’ve saved a template, it’s time to customize it – put YOUR data!

Free inventory templates in Google Sheets are highly customizable to suit the specific needs of different businesses. You can easily modify the template layout, add or remove columns, and customize formulas to fit the unique inventory management requirements. Simply add more rows or columns to add additional information, and highlight important characteristics.

You may change the BG color or font color to make it eye-pleasant or eye-catching. It all depends on your preferences!

Such flexibility ensures that businesses have complete control over the inventory data and can adapt the template as the inventory management needs evolve. Give it a try!)