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Loan Agreement Templates In Google Docs and Microsoft Word

Accommodate the terms of the loan using editable, printable, and downloadable loan agreement templates in Google Docs and Word. Our samples are created legally and correctly and define the rights and obligations of the parties, the terms of the loan, collateral and guarantees, and mechanisms for resolving disputes.

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What is a loan agreement? Many took cash loans or loans from banking institutions, individuals, or microfinance companies. But few people know how hard it can be to create a loan arrangement. It is an official document that is concluded between the lender and a borrower. It should contain all the relevant details of the contract, and there are many of them in such agreements. For example, the date of conclusion, interest rate, principal amount, amortization period, how interest will be calculated, and so on must be present. To create a complete and legal contract design, you can spend time, effort, and money on a notary or a specialist in these matters. Or you can use the ready-made loan agreement templates from TheGoodocs!

We have considered all the pitfalls that you may encounter when creating such agreements from scratch. So, it will be comfortable for you to work with ready-made templates. Each editable preset already has a ready-made structure, all the details that make the document legal and official, and even tips for filling it out! So, using our templates, your company or you as an individual will provide credit funds legally! Learn more about all the benefits that make our services indispensable!

Benefits of Using Loan Presets for Personal and Business Needs

If you are going to systematically issue loans to the residents of your country, it will be problematic to do without our loan agreement templates. Each time, to agree, you will have to type it from the beginning, indicate all the conditions, rights, and obligations of the borrower and lender, and so on. If you select our basic preset for money credits, your work will become dozens of times easier. To prepare a document for signature, it will be enough to take a ready-made, almost completed form, and add a certain interest rate and other conditions and signatures of both persons. After that, you can immediately issue a loan and look for other clients.

Use our loaner agreement template, and this approach will simplify and optimize the work of your institution, thereby relieving your employees. So, you will get a lot of advantages using ready-made forms! Our options are very versatile and suitable for car loans or financial assistance. Use the ready-made sample now and start customizing!

Free Templates for Any Requirement and Conditioning

You can use any templates for loan agreements now. Go to the template page and hit the red “Edit Template” button. Then you pick the appropriate letterhead size (A4 or US Letter Size), and our system will automatically create a copy of the template!

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Each agreement of the loan template is created based on the Google Docs editor. But, you can always use other available options to work with our templates as comfortably as possible. In addition, all forms are compatible with any device and operating system. So, not only a PC or laptop is suitable for work, but also a tablet or even a smartphone! Download the template now and see how much easier your paperwork can be.