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Book Templates in Google Docs and Word

Find book templates in Google Docs and Word to create any of your projects. Explore layouts for different genres and types, including address, comic, children’s, DIY books, and more. Choose between design styles, fonts, spines, and covers to personalize these editable templates.

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Intrigue Potential Readers Starting with a Cover Using Book Templates in Google Docs

Our templates are created from scratch by the best designers. This way, you can get eye-catching covers and structures for your text for free by simply using book templates in Google Docs. Our solution is ideal for beginning writers, people who like to take notes in a structured format, or professionals who gain money from their publications.

Unlock Seamless Content Creation with Our Templates

Unveil the distinctive advantages of our offer now!

  • Efficient customization: Our book templates in Google Docs offer a seamless canvas for your creativity. Tailor each page to perfection, adjusting fonts, layouts, and styles with just a few clicks.
  • Time-savings: Say goodbye to the hassle of starting from scratch. Our forms are strategically designed to save you valuable time and allow you to focus on what matters most – your content.
  • Professional aesthetics: Elevate your work with professionally designed layouts that enhance the visual appeal of your book. Impress your readers from the first glance with polished and eye-catching designs.
  • Collaboration made easy: Harness the collaborative power of our samples. No matter if it is a comic book template or a children’s book template, they enable smooth collaboration. Multiple contributors can work on the same document and foster a dynamic and efficient writing process.
  • Optimized for publishing: Whether you're aiming for print or digital publication, our blanks are optimized to meet industry standards. Ensure a smooth transition from document to publication without the headache of formatting issues.
  • Adaptable genres: From novels to non-fiction and recipe book templates, our diverse range of designs caters to various genres. Find the perfect starting point for your book, tailored to the specific needs and nuances of your writing style.
  • Improved access: Enjoy the flexibility of working from any device with an internet connection. Our forms ensure that your work is always within reach and provide a hassle-free writing experience.

Embark on your writing journey with confidence and armed with the exclusive benefits of our free book templates! Your story deserves a platform as unique as your voice and we aim to provide just that!

Take Advantage of Specially Tailored and Versatile Designs

Review Book Templates

Elevate your review books to the next level with our specialized Google Docs templates. Effortlessly structure your thoughts, highlight key points, and craft compelling comments that captivate your audience. With user-friendly formatting and visually appealing layouts, our forms make your publications not just informative, but engaging.

Children’s Book Templates

Are you ready to ignite a kid's imagination and bring stories to life? TheGoodocs is here to help you cope with this task. We make designs specially tailored for young readers, so our options blend creativity and functionality. Enjoy whimsical designs, easy customization, and a format that ensures your storytelling shines. Make reading a delightful adventure for the little ones.

Address Book Templates

Organizing and managing your contacts is now an easy task with our address book templates in Google Docs. Streamline your communication by maintaining a well-structured and easily accessible address book. You can effortlessly update and share contact information while enjoying the simplicity and efficiency of provided samples.

Comic Book Templates

Do you want to elevate your graphic storytelling to a whole new level? We would be happy to help you with this complicated task. TheGoodocs offers forms that can provide the perfect framework for your narratives! They are tailored for both seasoned artists and budding illustrators. Enjoy the seamless integration of text and visuals! Ensure your comic book captivates readers with every frame.

Report Book Templates

Make data-driven storytelling a breeze with our report books. Whether it's business outlines, research findings, or project summaries, we offer a clean and professional layout. Streamline the presentation of complex information to impress your audience with clarity and precision in every report.

Familiarize Yourself with Another Format

Do you think that Google Docs is not the most suitable platform for creating unique designs? Are you ready to add more illustrations and graphics? Do you need more tools to customize your cover? We also offer unique book and cover templates in Google Slides. There are already hundreds of amazing options available in this format. Get up to five free copies per month to take a closer look at all the benefits of our templates!

Books template FAQs

Does Google Docs have a book template?
While Google Docs lacks dedicated book templates, our platform offers a diverse range of specialized book templates tailored for various genres. TheGoodocs team is happy to provide users with customizable options for an enhanced writing experience.
What is a book template?
Our book templates are pre-designed documents that streamline the writing and formatting process for authors. They provide a structured framework, including elements like chapter headings, fonts, and styles. This way, our users (authors and writers) can focus on content creation while maintaining a consistent and professional appearance throughout the book.
How to make a book template in Google Docs?
Creating a book template in Google Docs can be time-consuming. Instead, users can leverage our ready-made book templates in Google Docs. Select any template, and with a few clicks, customize it to suit your preferences. This way, you can save time on formatting and concentrate on seamlessly infusing your content into a professionally designed framework. Also, you can watch a YouTube video on how to make a cover page for your book.
How to write a children's book template in Google Docs?
Crafting a children's book template in Google Docs is effortless with our specialized templates. Our distinct features include vibrant and engaging designs, easy customization for age-appropriate content, and a user-friendly format tailored to captivate young readers. Choose our templates to streamline the writing process.
How to write a family history book template in Google Docs?
You can choose our template designed for seamless organization and storytelling. Then utilize pre-defined sections for genealogy, anecdotes, and milestones. Easily insert placeholders for names, dates, and photos. Tailor fonts, colors, and layouts to match your family's unique narrative style, insert photos, charts, etc. Then, you can use a digital version of such a template, or print it.