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Partnership Agreement Templates In Google Docs and Microsoft Word

Our partnership agreement templates in Google Docs and Word govern the relationship between two legal entities and inside a business partnership created by several participants for joint activities. Use these editable, printable, and downloadable documents to outline financial and decision-making terms and protect yourself and your partner.

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Who may need and what are partnership agreements for? It is a document signed by two or more persons to develop, optimize and expand the business together for profit. Using this document, it is possible to divide all assets or tasks between partners into equal or disproportionate parts. So, if you are going to run a business of three, it is not at all necessary to divide it into 33% of profits and investments from each. For the partnership agreement to be properly executed and have legal force, it must be signed by all the persons indicated in the document. And so that you do not waste your time creating a form from scratch, our team offers to use a ready-made corporate partnership agreement template for free!

We prepared the structure of the document, selected fonts, made a convenient design, and provided you with all the possibilities for customization and filling. In addition, if you are working with such a document for the first time, it will be much easier to cope with the task. We have indicated in brackets all the information that you need to add on behalf of the signatories. So, you can start customizing the form and get the finished document shortly!

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The constant work with papers is very boring. So, we decided to make your life easier and prepare a ready-made editable partnership agreement template. Our platform offers only the best templates with unique designs. All options are printable. So you can print as many copies as you need for all parties to this agreement. In addition, depending on the form of business and the institutions that regulate its legal work, different contracts may be needed. And our presets are as versatile as possible and are suitable for any operation with the possibility of buying out the shares of other participants!

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You can enjoy the above and many more benefits from using our free forms right now!

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On this website, you will only find free templates for any of your needs. To access any option, you can go to its page and hit the “Edit Template” button. After that, you will be presented with a choice of actual sizes for this template, and then the system will create a copy automatically! The whole process takes about ten seconds!

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Any device and application will work with the template for a partnership agreement. We create templates in Google Docs, but you can use other apps available. It is enough to download the template on any device. The .docx format is supported by most modern editors including Microsoft Word and others. And if you need more information about Google Docs, you'll find it in the "Tips and Tutorials" section!