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A daily journal can be a useful tool for self-reflection, goal-setting, and tracking progress. It is a private space where one can record their daily life thoughts, emotions, news, and experiences. Writing in a daily journal has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, and contribute to mental clarity. It allows individuals to examine their attitudes and behaviors, gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses, and develop a greater sense of self-awareness.

A daily journal can take many forms, from a traditional pen and paper diary to digital journaling. Some people prefer to write in a notebook or journal, while others prefer to type their entries on a computer or smartphone. There are also different styles of journaling, such as free-form writing, prompts, and bullet journaling. The key is to find a style that works for you and that you can commit a certain time to it regularly.

One of the efficient ways of keeping up with a journaling hobby is to use templates. But what is that, you may ask? A daily journal template is a pre-designed format for recording information in a consistent manner. It provides prompts and categories for tracking specific goals, habits, or accomplishments. Templates can range from simple bullet journal designs to intricate layouts that incorporate both written and visual elements.

Continue a Journaling Habit with Free Templates

Not bad, right? Now you know what a template is. But let’s explore a range of benefits you may enjoy while using premade online templates!

Firstly, one of the benefits of premade daily journal templates is that they are free. There are plenty of online resources that offer free templates in various styles, designs, and themes. These templates are easy to find and use to personalize your journal to fit your personality.

Secondly, premade journal templates help overcome creativity blocks. It is common to get stuck or suffer from writers' block when journaling. With digital templates, you don't have to go through this process, as the prompts are already there to guide you on what to write.

Thirdly, all free daily journal templates on are editable to the desired extent. This feature is as important as it allows adding text and images or even adding the next page with the same layout.

Additionally, all Google Docs daily journal templates are printable in high quality as many people still prefer using a paper method for journaling habits. It is not always convenient and healthy for the eyes to keep looking at the screen. Thus, print out any template and keep it on the desk.

Saving a Template

If you already found our free printable daily journal template you would like to download, you are almost on the way to starting a nice writing habit! To save a template, first, open the page with your template and hit the red button on the right side of your screen. You will be asked to save a copy. Agree to the inquiry. That’s all!

Customize Any Template for a Personal Use

When it comes to personal journaling, the first thought that evokes in mind is that everything is “personal” – from writings habit to the layout and stickers or drawing elements on the page border.

And can be a template personalizes? Our answer is “yes”!

The personal daily journal template is easily customizable. With premade templates, you have full control to add and edit whatever you want in your journal, whether it's your personal goals, quotes, or any other essential events in your life. An added benefit is that you can set your preferences on the layout, font size, and color to match your journaling style.

Now if you’d like to use a daily journal template in Google Docs, feel free to walk through our tutorials and templates on the website!