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A training checklist is a document created specifically for the purpose of training. It is a tool that outlines the tasks that an individual needs to learn, understand, and put into practice during training. The checklist provides a comprehensive guide that helps trainers ensure that all elements of the training have been covered and that the trainee is competent and confident in the skills required for the job.

Most organizations use a training checklist during onboarding and induction to ensure that new hires have the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their roles effectively. This type of document typically includes information on essential topics such as organizational culture, safety procedures, company policies, and job-specific tasks and skills. It is used as a standard guide to ensure that the trainee has been trained in all areas, is aware of the expected standards, and has been provided with the right resources to be successful in the role.

Thus, creating a training plan for new team members is critical, but it can also be a challenging task. However, using premade training checklist templates can significantly aid in this process. Below we will dive into the benefits of using checklist templates.

Free and Editable Checklists

The first advantage of training checklist templates is that they help to save time and money. Creating a comprehensive training plan for new employees is a time-consuming and often overwhelming task. With free checklists that can be saved from many online resources without a subscription, everything is already laid out, and all that is required is customization to suit your specific business needs.

The second benefit of using templates for training checklists is enhanced design consistency. The templates are designed to be consistent and uniform, ensuring each employee receives the same standard of training. The consistency achieved through using templates will lead to better work performance and a better understanding of the company's expectations.

Thirdly, all templates are editable and are easy to use. With this feature, the same template can be changed for every business unit by changing the title or tasking map. Of course, this feature is important as it provides the same consistency throughout the same organization.

And last but not least, it is convenient to use templates as they are printable in super good quality. If you have a printing device (offices usually have many printers), then you can print it out without much effort.

How to Save a Template?

If you finally would like to try out working with templates and you decided to save a general checklist or any training audit checklist template, feel free to use freebies. You will find many bright, elegant, and stylized designs to suit any preferences and mood.

To download our free template, simply click the button Edit Template. You will see an inquiry to save a copy, after which the template will automatically open in your Drive.

Customization Intro

Training checklists are also used in fields such as construction, manufacturing, and engineering, which tend to have hazardous working conditions. As there are so many industries which require employee training, any general training checklist template saved from online resources requires adding a logo, notes about the company, special guides, and so on.

Customization is a simple process that allows adding special features and even adding rows/columns. Moreover, all checklists usually have blank rows and spaces, thus there is enough space to add text. The editing process will be done in Google Docs or other editors (Google Sheets and Slides).

Hope you can find a suitable and eye-pleasant template to train your staff effectively!