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In most cases, when building roofs, new houses, or any comparable projects, estimated cost is used to determine the approximate price of the project. What is the difference between this document and the construction quote? In the first case, the client will receive an unfixed and unconfirmed cost, which may change during construction. While the construction quote template is an official document that obliges the contractor to complete the full scope of work at a specified cost. Thus, the contractor receives more trust from the client, and the customer receives the work completed on time and at a certain price. Both get the most benefit.

But how to create such a document if this is the first request for a quote that your company has received? Entrust this issue to specialists from TheGoodocs team! Of course, we are not able to fill this preset on behalf of your company. But, we provide the most complete, ready-to-use editable template that is perfect for any form and construction project! We have prepared not only the structure but also the design, selected fonts, and created structural blocks where you can add any information. All you have to do is calculate the cost of the work, including materials, and fill out a ready-made construction quote template! Learn more about the best templates from our developers and designers.

Benefits of Using Quote Forms

For any residential and commercial construction projects, there is no better choice than our printable templates for quote construction. This document is legally binding and responsible for your company for the correct implementation of all the data you provided. So, we tried to do our best so that you can save time and get the best template for your company and a specific project. You can use the time freed up due to routine work with documents to more accurately calculate the cost of work, taking into account the time required, the number of materials, fuel to drive or bring materials to the construction site, and other nuances. As soon as this process is completed, enter all the data in the appropriate columns and send the completed form to the customer or hand in a printed copy.

Use Only Free Options

There is not a single paid template on our website! All advanced and premium versions can be viewed by clicking on the “Premium Templates” button. If you have already selected the professional option from the list of quotes for construction templates, a few seconds are enough to get a copy.

To download a template on any device and get a copy in Google Docs, all you need to do is:

  1. Go to the sample page.
  2. Click on the “Edit Template” button (located to the right of the preview).
  3. Choose the appropriate size (you will find A4 or US Letter Size options here).
  4. Wait until the system starts downloading a copy of the template (no more than ten seconds).
  5. Start filling it out!

Simple and Affordable Filling Tools

Google Docs provides you with access to the best tools for working with quotes for construction templates. You can change fonts, add structure blocks and get complete freedom of customization. In addition, you can always use another available editor. For example, Microsoft Word, etc. Use any device to work with the template, and when finished, you can print a copy in A4 format or US Letter Size.