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Are you looking for a convenient organizer for planning events for the day? Or are you a publicist who wants to print an article? In any case, if you want to start your journal as a business or just6 write down your thoughts there, we suggest using the journal template. What benefits will you get from our layout? First, you will forget about the long and tedious design process. Our templates are especially relevant if you want to use them to sell or share your thoughts with the world. Our professional designers have already thought over the structure of information blocks, created a high-quality design for each option in this category. All that remains for you is to make the appropriate choice. And we will answer basic questions about the benefits of each journal template from TheGoodocs that you will find on our website.

Why Design a Journal With TheGoodocs?

Let's look at the benefits you and your reading auditory can get now using our services.

Huge Choice

On the pages of the website, you will find thousands of templates of different categories, purposes, and unique designs. In this category, there are more than twenty templates. You can choose the most suitable option based on all your preferences and dreams. For example, if you want to plan your day using our template, then we advise you to consider several options at once, such as a multicolored daily journal or a daily retro journal. It's worth noting that these are just two examples that are great for achieving your goal, but there are other alternatives. We advise you to make a choice based on your personal preferences for indesign since these and other options are similar in terms of functionality. If your goal is to share your experience, emotions, or adventures with the world, we advise you to look at other options from TheGoodocs, which you will also find in this category. Among them, we want to mention such as a travel journal or a food journal.

Completely Free Service

Already picked the best journal template in your opinion? Then take it and use it! No need to pay for the work of our designers and other specialists. All templates that you will find on our website are free of charge and you can download them. Moreover, you will receive not just a variant copied somewhere, but a completely unique template.

Google Docs, Google Slides, and More

We suggest that you create journal pages for your publication using the platform that seems more convenient to you. When choosing, keep in mind that some templates can be customized in only one of the formats. You can understand in what format the template is uploaded to the website by means of a mark in the lower right corner of the image or before going to the template page.

Editable Options

We understand that our template is just a sample with a cover that should be easily customizable. If you need to get a paper version, then know that any free journal template is downloadable and printable. If you want to work on the online version of Documents or Slides, then just click on the "Edit Template" button. It is located to the right of the template itself. Under it, you will also find three articles that will help you understand the template customization process.

Always Happy to Help

If you still have questions, or if you didn't find the most suitable option among our numerous templates, we advise you to use the "Request" option. You can share your impressions of using the site, and most importantly, leave your wishes for new templates. Since we work for you, we will try to take into account the most fascinating ideas of our customers. We hope everything would be great with your journal!

Journals template FAQs

How to make a journal template in google docs?
If you have already decided on the best template option, then click the red Edit Template button.