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A luncheon invitation is a formal or informal invitation extended to people to have a meal together during the afternoon. Luncheon invitations can be sent for various occasions, including Christmas, Thanksgiving, bridal showers, bridesmaid parties, and so many other events. The purpose of a luncheon invitation is to gather people together in a social setting to celebrate a particular occasion or to show gratitude. Luncheon invitations are often accompanied by the details of the event, including the name, menu, location, and date and time of the event.

For instance, Christmas luncheon invitations are sent during the festive season to gather friends, family, and colleagues together to celebrate the spirit of the season. The invitation usually includes the venue, time, date, and dress code for the event. The host of the event can choose to have a formal or informal meal to set the tone for the event. Christmas luncheon can consist of a three or four-course meal, and the invitation must indicate any dietary restrictions or preferences required.

When planning for a lunch party, you may want to send out elegant and eye-catching invitations that will excite your guests and create anticipation for the event. While you can create invitations from scratch, using premade luncheon invitation templates will not only save you time but also provide several benefits.

What’s Great About Invitation Templates?

Now let’s imagine you are a future bride and have lots of expenses ahead of you. But at least it is easy to save money on arranging invitations! Let’s check some benefits of using premade templates.

The first benefit is the cost factor. Creating invitations from scratch can be quite expensive, especially when you hire professionals to design them for you. Free luncheon invitation templates are available online, and you only need internet access to access them.

Secondly, using predesigned bridal luncheon invitations can save you time and effort. Free luncheon invitation templates come with layouts and designs already created for you. Moreover, all templates are editable. All you need to do is customize the details to suit the specifics of your gathering.

Thirdly, for those who love the old good feeling of paper invitations, working with templates is also a winning option. As templates have a printable option, you are free to print out as many copies as you need!

Lastly, using templates ensures that you get professional-looking invitations. They are designed by experts who have a keen eye for aesthetics and style.

Save a Template and Get the Job Done!

If you are looking for an invitation for the bridesmaid luncheon party or any other event, welcome to check out TheGoodocs.com website. There are dozens of creative professional-looking templates for any holiday and party events: from simple elegant, aesthetic to vibrant and abstract. All templates can be filtered according to the editing application – Google Docs, Slides, or Sheets.

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Let’s Have a Luncheon! – Add Your Message

After saving a free template, it is important to add an address, host, and receiver name, time, and date. Moreover, if you want to send special messages like “Let’s have a luncheon to welcome a new year!” or “Wishing this luncheon with you will bring joy and happiness!”, it is easy like never before. Google Docs allow changing the color palette, fonts, moving/removing elements, inserting images, and many more.

So next time you need a luncheon invitation, consider using free editable templates to make your day effective and full of joy!