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Investor Agreement Templates In Google Docs and Microsoft Word

Our investor agreement templates in Google Docs and Word are designed to regulate financial concerns. Printable, editable, and downloadable forms pay special attention to financial aspects, investment terms, rights and responsibilities of parties, etc. Customize to suit the circumstances of your deal.

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What is an investment agreement? If you are running a startup or your company wants to grow and scale, you may need the help of an investor. An investor is a person who is ready to sponsor your organization and receive dividends from the growth of your shares, production, or capitalization. Investing is a complex mechanism that includes many elements and pitfalls. But, our team does not conduct investment courses. We only know that you will need printable investor agreement templates from TheGoodocs!

What are these forms, and who needs them? If you want to attract legal investments in your business, organization, or startup, you will have to enter into a legal investor agreement. It is a document that spells out all the norms, duties, and responsibilities of the investor and the company in which the money is invested (legal entity). It can be either a bilateral or a multilateral contract.

For such a form to be legal and comply with all standards, it must contain at least:

  1. Names and addresses of persons involved.
  2. General investment structure.
  3. Purpose of investment.
  4. Dates of investment of funds and their return with interest to the investor.
  5. Signatures of both/all involved individuals and representatives of legal entities.

Such a minimal structure of the editable form will make it possible to conclude such transactions without the risk of problems with taxes and authorities regulating the activities of commercial transactions. And we have prepared a ready-made form ideal for all such options!

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You can work with the investment agreement template in Google Docs. This platform provides many convenient customization tools. You do not have to work hard. We have added features and content to the template. All you have to do is fill it out, print it, and sign it! Immediately after this, the agreement will become legal!