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A funeral invitation is a card that is sent out to family members, friends, colleagues, and others inviting them to attend a funeral service. This type of invitation is typically sent out by the family of the deceased, and it kind of grieving card to notify people of the time to attend, date, and place of the funeral service.

Funeral memorial invitations are similar to traditional funeral invitations, but they may also include additional information about the life of the deceased or any other special elements that will be included in the memorial service. They may be more personalized than traditional funeral invitations, and they may also include personal and heartfelt messages from the individuals who are sending them.

There are a variety of different styles and designs for funeral and memorial invitations. Some may feature religious symbols or artwork, while others may be more modern and simple. Regardless of the style, the purpose of a funeral or memorial invitation is the same: to inform people of the service and invite them to pay their respects to the deceased and their family.

The death of a close person is one of the most difficult times in life, and the last thing the family needs is to worry about creating funeral invitations from scratch. This is where funeral invitation templates can be of great benefit.

Invitation Templates: Free and Editable

Using premade invitations to a funeral saves time, effort, and money. Funeral preparations can be overwhelming and the process of designing and printing invitations can add to the stress. With a free premade template, the family can simply choose a design from web sources that resonate with them and customize it with the relevant details.

Secondly, funeral invitation templates come in a variety of designs and layouts. The family can pick something that resonates with their emotions and this could mean selecting a template that has quotes, images, or colors that align with the family's feelings.

Thirdly, invitation templates simplify the process of invitation distribution. The family can either choose to print the invitations at home or have them professionally printed. If they choose to print at home, they can easily produce as many copies as required.

Moreover, all templates are editable and easy to use. Any individual without professional skills can manage templates and add the necessary information.

How to Save a Template?

Thus, when sorrow comes to one’s home and the situation doesn’t afford to order an invitation card from the shop, it is convenient to download and edit free funeral invitation templates.

One way to find quickly an invitation without a subscription is to search through TheGoodocs.com website. Professional designers know how to make such types of invitations properly and share their works for free.

To save a memorial or simple funeral invitation on our website, simply click the Edit Template button.

Let’s Customize It!

Now that it’s clear that it is easy to save a template, here are several insights into customization. Otherwise, the template will look like a general document without information about the deceased, the funeral home, and the relevant time.

All premade templates can be edited in Google Docs, Slides, or Sheets that depends on the initial template’s design. If you feel comfortable working with Google Docs, then it is necessary to search for a template in Docs with the help of a category filter.

Funeral invitation templates in Google Docs are customizable to the extent of adding an image or artwork and changing fonts and colors.

Overall, templates allow the family to focus on grieving and paying tribute to their loved one without getting stuck in trivial things.