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One month – so long, but may seem so short, when you have dozens of tasks! Family, a job, and a never-ending daily routine require lots of effort to remember everything. But what if there is a tool that may serve as a reminder?

A monthly to-do list is a powerful planner that helps individuals stay organized, prioritize tasks, and achieve their goals regularly. Essentially, it serves as a written record of tasks and activities that need to be completed within a month. This list can include a wide range of personal, professional, and household responsibilities, providing a comprehensive overview of everything that needs to be accomplished.

The first step in creating a monthly to-do list is identifying the tasks that need to be completed within the given month. This can involve reviewing appointment books, work schedules, and personal commitments to determine the specific activities and goals that need attention.

Still, it may be a tiresome task. Rather than spending valuable minutes each month creating a new list from scratch, a printable monthly to-do list template provides a ready-made structure that can be easily filled in.

Starting a Listing Habit with Templates

It is easy to start a listing tasks habit with free online resources like premade templates. So let’s explore some benefits! First of all, there are a range of websites that offer freebies. Here, on, any visitor may find only free monthly to-do list templates! Say “no” to additional costs and gett your wallet “upset” :)

Secondly, all templates have a unique design and may suit any individual. Some templates are bright and illustrated, and some – more elegant and with gradients. The layout also differs. Sometimes the weekly list can look like a planning calendar and that is a really helpful layout.

Another advantage of premade monthly to-do list templates is their versatility. These templates can be found in a wide variety of formats, depending on one's needs. Whether you prefer a physical planner, a digital calendar, or an app on your smartphone, there is a template available for every preference.

Additionally, templates have an editable feature that comes in handy if you are a person with hundreds of ideas! Templates allow making changes multiple times and even if you regret deleting or rewriting a schedule, you can get back to the previous version!

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Thus, if you are looking for an opportunity to keep good track of your monthly tasks and not get stressed, feel free to check for available monthly to-do list templates in Google Docs. To explore templates, simply type in your request in the search bar and/or use the category filter. You will see a range of suitable templates to choose from. All templates on come in Google Docs, Slides, or Sheets format.

To save a template, click the Edit Template button and start planning your month!

Simple Customization

Customizability is yet another valuable benefit of these templates. While using premade monthly to-do list templates can save time, it doesn't mean that they are a one-size-fits-all solution. Many templates offer customization options, allowing users to add or delete sections based on their specific needs.

For instance, someone who works from home may want to include a separate section for household tasks, while a student might prefer to have a dedicated area for assignments and project deadlines. By customizing the template, users can create a personalized to-do list that caters to their unique requirements.

Are you ready to try?) Feel free to save your first template!