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Event Calendar Templates in Google Docs and Word

Start using our event calendar templates in Google Sheets & Excel today! Find Christmas and special events ready-made blanks in different formats. Edit, download, and be aware of upcoming holidays and special occasions.

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An event calendar, also known as a schedule or planner, is a tool that allows individuals or organizations to keep track of upcoming activities. It is a visual representation of events scheduled on specific dates, allowing for organized event planning and easy reference.

Event calendars come in different formats, ranging from physical paper calendars to digital calendars accessible through smartphones, computers, and tablets. They can be basic, featuring only the date and event name, or they can be comprehensive, providing details such as the location, time, intended audience, and any necessary materials or equipment. One of the main benefits of using an event calendar is organization. By having all events in one place, it eliminates confusion and reduces the likelihood of scheduling conflicts. An event calendar gives individuals or organizations clear visibility into their upcoming events providing them with opportunities to plan effectively and ensure events come to fruition without any hitches.

Event planning can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to creating a calendar from a blank page. With so many details to keep track of, it is easy to get overwhelmed and make mistakes. However, event calendar templates can make this task easier.

Why You Should Try Working with Templates

Let’s explore why you should start working with templates and what they give you!

Firstly, event calendar templates save time and money. Creating a calendar from scratch can be time-consuming, including designing from scratch, gathering all the event details, and arranging them in a structured manner. With free online templates, you skip this lengthy process and don’t have to buy subscriptions for paid programs. Secondly, templates help ensure accuracy. When creating an event calendar, there is always a high risk of errors and omissions. With templates, the likelihood of errors is minimized.

Thirdly, all templates are editable and even printable in high quality. It means you can add specific details and insert text blocks to your template for the events calendar. When it’s ready, simply print it out and hang it on your visual board.

Lastly, all templates have an aesthetic design. The templates are usually created by professionals and come with visually appealing layouts. This helps to make your event calendar look more polished and professional, which can be particularly important for business events.

Saving a Template

Event calendars can be used to advertise upcoming events and encourage participation. For businesses, a well-curated event calendar can help build brand awareness and customer loyalty. Thus, if you are looking for an opportunity to keep a good track of your event promotion or scheduling, feel free to check for available free event calendar templates.

It is simple to save a template. Firstly, open the page with the relevant template and click the Edit Template button. You will be asked to save a copy. It will take you a few minutes to get a template and start working with it.

Customization: Add Your Designs

And here comes the most interesting part! Templates are often customizable to suit your needs. You can add your brand colors, font types, and other design elements to give your calendar a unique and personalized touch. This helps to visualize the dates in the calendar and get inspired by what you do. Important? Yes!

The customization is done in Google Docs, Google Sheets, or Google Slides editors, depending on the template’s initial design. Of course, if you are happy with the premade sample design, then you only have to mark down your event and make notes.

Now that you know how it is beneficial and easy to work with templates, go find a suitable event calendar template for your upcoming promo!