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Leasing is a common form of business. Why would you want to sell your property and receive a one-time fee when you can conclude a long-term contract and recoup the value many times? That is why lessors earn money all year, without much work. Although, investments in this area have always been considered promising and profitable. The only important task is the conclusion of a legal contract for the lease of your movable and immovable property. Depending on the terms of the lease, the tenant, and many other nuances, different contracts will be needed. Our company does not provide legal consulting services, but we have prepared a free and editable contract lease template for you.

You need to pick the basic template and update the info in it, add the data of both persons who sign the contract, and that's it. And we have already created a nice-looking background, selected fonts, and formed a convenient template for the lease contract structure. You can use the free template now without any restrictions! Find out more about our offer!

Advantages of Ready-Made Contract Templates

If you need a printable contract, our company will be happy to provide you with the best opportunity to obtain it. You do not have to spend time creating a layout from scratch or hire a graphic designer to deal with this issue. You may select a ready-made sublease contract template, add relevant data, and print it out. Each sample is created by our professional designers. And we can guarantee impeccable quality!

Moreover, we provide you with:

  • Access to the largest collection of templates. There are already over four thousand unique templates on our website.
  • The ability to quickly select the appropriate option among a huge variety of options. To help you get started faster, we have various filters, collections with templates, and categories.
  • You can install the extension for your Chrome browser and get copies of any templates without going to the website.

Moreover, you can get a copy of any form without restrictions now, and make sure that our offer is unsurpassed.

Free Access to Copyright Content

If you want to get a lease-to-own contract template now, you only need a few minutes of your time. We will not force you to watch absurd and useless ads, register and pay for our services. Any sample is free.

For this, you need:

  1. Go to the template page.
  2. Find the red “Edit Template” button to the right of the preview and click it.
  3. Choose the appropriate size for your contract (we use A4 base size and US Letter Size for different regions).
  4. After that, wait until the system creates a copy for you.
  5. Get a copy of the template in Google Docs or Google Slides format and start customizing.

Use Any Device to Work

If you want to update the data in a commercial leasing contract, you can use any device convenient for such work. Our presets and designs are compatible with all devices. Moreover, you can use any other editors besides Google apps. Simply download the template to your device, select the appropriate application, and get to work!